Here's the final and initial thumbnail for an illustration I recently finished for the story Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. The story is about a sad mexican girl, Tita, who is in love with a boy that she could never marry. Her duty, as the youngest daughter in her family, is to take care of her mother until the day she dies. As therapy, throughout the story, she spends most of her time and energy into her cooking.

Tita Cooks
acrylic and colored pencil on wood

Piece I did for Hodges' class a few weeks ago. It was an open assignment and I wanted to paint a sphinx and some lions. It is still unfinished. Lions need more definition in form but I'm happy with what I have so far. Let me just hope I finish it. That's a problem I've been aware of lately. Finishing what I start. Meh.

Sphinx Among Lions
acrylic and oil on wood


This assignment was given to me by Mr. Gary Kelley at the Illustration Academy this summer. We were asked to illustrate a color.

acrylic and leaves on wood


Working thumbnail and sketch for the current illustration I'm working on. Portrait of a hardworking fisherman. He lives in Iceland. hmmm I guess he needs more clothes... anyway, I'm still searching for where this is going to take me.