Took a photo of a painting I'm sloooowly working on. I want this painting to be one that I keep going back to over a good amount of time. Just to see. It's a night beach landscape. This is what it looks like today...


...and here's the finish! Two lovers floating off a planet and holding onto each other.

acrylic paint on wood

Here's a little minimal sketch for a painting I'm working on right now. I'll post the painting when I finish it. Two people holding on to each other while floating off a planet together. They're in love. :)


Here are 5 paintings I did for my senior project at Ringling College of Art and Design. As my project I chose to paint 5 different songs and try to capture what the music looked like to me. These were done with acrylic paint on wood. I had a hard time scanning them, so it took me a while to get them up, but here they are!

The songs from top to bottom, in the order I completed them, are...

1. Only Skin -Joanna Newsom
2. All is Full of Love -Bjork
3. Emily - Joanna Newsom
4. Our House -CSN&Y
5. I Remember You -Bjork


Here's an oldie I forgot I had. Did this one over a year ago. Not a home run but there are some elements in it that I like.

Attending the Illustration Academy in Sarasota, FL again this summer. We just finished week 2 with Anita Kunz and are now starting our third assignment with Gary Kelley. I'm having an incredible time and am already learning so much a second time around. I feel very lucky to be a part of this program once again.

Here's a painting I did for the assignment Mrs. Anita Kunz assigned us last week... conceptual portrait for Rolling Stone magazine. I did a portrait of Joanna Newsom in response to her last album Ys...


Here's an embroidered portrait I did of my boyfriend, William Godwin. This was a birthday gift, I stitched this on a sketchbook for him. It was fun to sort of draw with the needle and string. Around the little circle it reads "insert coffee here" (he uses coffee for tone in his sketchbooks).


Sorry for the lack of posts. Been super busy lately with my last semester and my senior project. I'm not posting any of my pieces until I'm finished with all of them. For my senior project I've been working on paintings of my response to songs I feel close to. But for now here's a preview (bad photo... but I thought it looked cool...) of the painting I'm currently working on. This one's from a painting I'm doing for the Joanna Newsom song "Emily".


Here's the initial sketch for my 2nd thesis piece, which I'm currently working on. The tune is "All is Full of Love" by Bjork.


Here's the final and initial thumbnail for an illustration I recently finished for the story Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. The story is about a sad mexican girl, Tita, who is in love with a boy that she could never marry. Her duty, as the youngest daughter in her family, is to take care of her mother until the day she dies. As therapy, throughout the story, she spends most of her time and energy into her cooking.

Tita Cooks
acrylic and colored pencil on wood

Piece I did for Hodges' class a few weeks ago. It was an open assignment and I wanted to paint a sphinx and some lions. It is still unfinished. Lions need more definition in form but I'm happy with what I have so far. Let me just hope I finish it. That's a problem I've been aware of lately. Finishing what I start. Meh.

Sphinx Among Lions
acrylic and oil on wood


This assignment was given to me by Mr. Gary Kelley at the Illustration Academy this summer. We were asked to illustrate a color.

acrylic and leaves on wood


Working thumbnail and sketch for the current illustration I'm working on. Portrait of a hardworking fisherman. He lives in Iceland. hmmm I guess he needs more clothes... anyway, I'm still searching for where this is going to take me.


Here's a video me and my friends Kyle McCullough and Jeffery Heart made to promote Illest of Ill, an annual illustration show held on the Ringling College campus. This year visiting judges are Sam Weber and Jillian Tamaki. Hope to see some of you there!...

Illest of Ill: How to Gibson Girl from kyle mccullough on Vimeo.