Here are 5 paintings I did for my senior project at Ringling College of Art and Design. As my project I chose to paint 5 different songs and try to capture what the music looked like to me. These were done with acrylic paint on wood. I had a hard time scanning them, so it took me a while to get them up, but here they are!

The songs from top to bottom, in the order I completed them, are...

1. Only Skin -Joanna Newsom
2. All is Full of Love -Bjork
3. Emily - Joanna Newsom
4. Our House -CSN&Y
5. I Remember You -Bjork


Kyle McCullough said...

Hey , these pieces are truly incredible. I love all of them in different ways. Only Skin is my favorite. Combination of mark making is really impressive and really works in the Only Skin piece.

great job. Thesis show was so memorable to me. Its all about the neutral cranberry and the Dark olive.


neily-o said...

So I'm torn between like 3 of the pieces as to which one is my favorite. I loved your stuff, so you! I felt the fist clenching, lip puckering passion when I walked up to your beautifully painted wall.


Ian Mauck said...

Hey, it's the frycook from applebees. We're nearly 3.75 hours into your last day at the bees, I saw the note you left Ron. I and a few others were hoping you'd last for a bit, you seem like a smart kid (the "few others" have seen the best and worst come and go). For the sake of your future, it's better that you get out now before you get too involved.
You said the other day that you want to get into an art-related job, what have you found? I've been looking at your pieces, I think they're absolutely amazing, and I don't think you'll encounter too much trouble finding a good gig with a solid income.
How long have you been doing faces? I have to ask because your self-portrait looks exquisitely precise.

if you make more pieces, if you make another website, or if you get famous, email me.

Radka said...

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